Drupal code stats - preliminary

The image at left is a slide from a deck I'm putting together for possible lightning talk at DrupalCon SF. So far there are 11 slides showing the historical complexity of Drupal in terms of some simple metrics, and comparisons with the current release of Joomla!. The point of this is to try to understand the complexity of Drupal, both historically and in comparison with other frameworks, in terms of software metrics.

Comments, questions, pointers, and insights/opinions are very welcome.

BTW - The Joomla metrics (and the Drupal 7x) metrics are probably not quite right, yet - this is a work in progress. I'm working on metrics for Wordpress and a few other platforms also.

UpdateI presented this at DCSF - thanks to everyone who commented and discussed this with me. The attached file is slides as presented Sat Apr 17, 2010.

Sharing ApacheSolr Module

This week I gave a talk for the Vancouver Island Java User Group on integrating Apache Solr search into web applications. Since the group is, of course, Java-focused, I didn't dwell overly much on Drupal except to demo a non-trivial example of integration showing some of the more advanced capabilities of Solr search, including faceted search, search spelling correction, "find similar content", and so on - all available out of the box with Robert Douglass, pwolanin, claudiu.cristea et al.'s excellent ApacheSolr module for Drupal.

Slides are available here.

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