Setting up a Persistent Ramdisk on MacOS X 10.6

Using a ramdisk can significantly improve the performance of many disk-intensive applications. In this post I'll describe how to set up a ramdisk for MacOS X 10.6, which will persist across system sleep and wakeups, and even reboots.

Note: 22-Mar-2011: I've updated this article with some significant improvements.

I was motivated to look into this while running unit tests for Drupal development. This is a very database intensive operation, and running a full suite of tests takes many hours on a typical laptop. This is a perfect situation for deploying a ramdisk.

Setting up a Ramdisk

A little bit of googling led to this page, which describes how to set up a ramdisk for MacOS 10.6 (and 10.4/10.5, which I won't discuss here). This worked beautifully. Here's how to set up the Ramdisk:

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