Drupal Tuesday

This was one of those days where you set out to do something, and something else you've been meaning to do jumps in the way and gets done instead. I put off my blog post about setting up SQLite for testing on MacOS and fixed my Twitter module/OAuth setup instead.

After I posted my last blog entry about devoting Tuesday mornings to Drupal, I realized (for the n-th time) that my "Announce posts to twitter" feature wasn't working, and of course hasn't been working for a while since twitter has moved to oauth for its API authentication. Now, I'm all for that, and open/user-centric id and authentication in general. I even have a few trivial commits to the first incarnation of Drupal oauth module, and a bugfix in for Andy Smith's first OAuth PHP library. Still, broken is broken. General busy-ness and apathy had kept me from diving in there and trying to fix things...

Of course, with a rockin' community like Drupal's , coming back to something later often means that someone else has done some good work in the meantime, and this was no exception. The issue with Drupal's twitter module and OAuth authentication (especially comment #106, by designerbrent) clearly documents the setup required. After a bit of head-scratching (due to my not having paid attention to the required version numbers! You need OAuth module 2.02...), the new twitter and oauth modules (after applying the patch mentioned in the issue) have this all working beautifully again, much nicer than before, really. It would be really nice if the patch in question got committed :)

Thanks, Brent, Hugo Wetterberg, voxpelli, Rok ┼Żlender and of course walkah and eaton.

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