Feeling very Sprite (TM) today.

So, Micro$oft has released a new version of Messenger. Apparently what's new is advertising. Except it's not advertising. Yes, according to Blake Irving, Micro$oft's corporate VP, "It's just a way for people to express themselves". A Seattle Post-Intelligencer story quotes him as claiming "It's advertising but it doesn't feel that way."


Vancouver based Ludicorp's web photo-sharing site Flickr has been getting all kinds of (well-deserved, IMHO) attention and accolades in the popular media lately (The Manchester Guardian, Wired).

Building PHYLIP-3.57c with EMBOSS-2.9.0

I'm posting this here in the hope that it may save a bit of time and frustration for someone. This updated README (which actually contains the Installation instructions) for PHYLIP-3.573c clarifies a number of issues which are easy to miss if the instructions in the original README are followed.

Symptoms of these problems include the following error messages, obtained when one attempts to run the tools from the PHYLIP suite:

Installed Drupal 4.5 RC

I upgraded the Puregin site to Drupal 4.5 today, mainly to test and fix the bugs in the book module. The installation process went smoothly - the only slight glitch was that a few of the tables which the upgrade script wanted to create were already in existence. The new version looks like it has a bunch of nice features, mostly aimed at improving workflow/usability.


Leap Year Aware Date Entry Widget

I'm incensed that any web-application programmer would consider subjecting their end-users to a date-entry form which allows the entry of an invalid date, such as 'February 29, 2003', or 'April 31, 2003'. Forget about validating the date and having the user go back to correct his mistake - it's just plain poor practice to allow the wrong choice in the first place.

Some years ago, I had to code a date-entry web form element. I went hunting on the web. I wanted a selector for year, month, and date, with the proper number of days in a month, with leap years properly handled. I thought that this must be such a basic, common requirement that there would be dozens, perhaps hundreds of implementations to choose from.

Perhaps they are out there, but I haven't been able to find an existing solution, and apparently neither have my banks, or any of the dozens of elaborate, expensive, polished, and otherwise finely designed and crafted websites I visit that still subject me and millions of other users to this kind of bad UI design every day. Sigh.

So, here is what I came up with. I hope that this leap-year aware date-entry widget will find more common use out there.

You can shift-click here to download a sample page with the embedded JavaScript and form.



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