Drupal Handbooks

These are now VERY out of date. I hope to find some time to fix up my scripts and get this running on Drupal.org.

I'm happy to be able to provide printable, hardcopy versions of the Drupal site administrator and developer documentation here. The latest version of the Drupal Handbooks in PDF format are generated daily.

Handbooks as "one (very) long HTML page" can be found here:

Outlines (generated as 'Unix' text files) can be found here:

These are automatically generated from the collaboratively written and edited handbooks available on Drupal.org. The process has the benefit of being completely automatic, but does not allow for very fine control. There are also a number of bugs in the software which lead to some 'interesting' looking output.

Please note: problems with the input can sometimes lead to improperly formatted or incomplete PDF versions. Unfortuately, I often can't do much about these, but do let me know anyway, and I'll try to track down the issue.

This is an interim measure to provide printable documentation while we work on generating print-process-friendly output. This project is under actively development at Drupal and we hope to have some much finer output available in the next few weeks.

Please direct any questions or comments about these publications to the documentation forum on Drupal.org, or post an e-mail to the drupal-docs mailing list on Drupal.org.

For the curious, the PDF generation pipeline uses Perl, Tidy, a somewhat hacked-on version of html2ps, and ps2pdf, all glued together by bash.