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Colophon: Create your own personal Map tiles (from July 2013)

Sat, 04/12/2014 - 8:16am

If you want to make your own map tile out of many (100s or 1000s) of latitude longitude pairs e.g. from Vancouver flickr photos taken 2007-2011 during commuter hours (7-10am., 3-6p.m), here's how:

  • Create a file, let's call it "latlong.text" in the format "lat, long" e.g. remove the square brackets from my vancouver 2007-11 flickr commuter file
  • encode it

    • cat latlong.txt | ./encode -o vancouver2007-2011 -z 16
  • render it

    • ./render -A -- vancouver2007-2011/ 16 49.25706 -123.070538525034 49.29808542 -123.159733 > vancouver-2007-2011.try21.png

    • (you will have to play around with the lat and long to make sure they cover the area you want e.g. in the above example I made it so that bounderies were: clark park to the south and east, connaught park to the west and stanley park to the north)

  • And here's the resulting PNG map tile on flickr
  • encode and render come from @enf on twitter, the amazing Eric Fischer:

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